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The time travel element is unique and the weapons and bit system are an interesting twist. The story is also engaging. The downside is it's a bit unidirectional and the "mazes" are terribly linear. It definitely has its shortcomings but it's different enough from just about every other RPG out there to be worth it. I enjoyed it.

Aeon Avenger

I enjoyed this mainly because of the Chrono Trigger past/present/future thing. The story was decent enough to follow along with, though nothing I'll replay the game for (if I ever do go about replaying it). I do wish that developers would go back and maybe redo the virtual controls for all of their 3.5inch releases so that they fit the bigger screens. I doubt it'll happen... but one can hope...


The story is interesting and it's fun to play

Revenge classic

Kemco has been around a along time you would think a company who has been around so long would be out of gas.. But you'd be wrong!! This game is designed to be a time travel rpg on the vein of the great chrono series, but this game really carves it own path, the story follows young Lake( yes thank god you can rename him) as his peaceful life is taken from him by an evil man in black with powers the world thought were long gone( cliche right ?) where it differs is the stark contrast in personality of our hero before and after this attack of his home he loses himself to anger and revenge, as you carry out some slightly morally gray actions the player is left wondering, are these actions ok? is revenge ever the way to quell your anger? Such is the nature of aeon avenger, download your copy TODAY!!!


Nice game, nice story, a little too much talking but enjoyable

A solid JRPG

Enjoyable and easy to play, if overly repetitive.


Story is great get it while it is cheap


I am enjoying this game very much. It is pure turn-based RPG goodness. By today's standards very simplistic, but if your a fan of this genre - you won't be disappointed.

good game

Kemco makes the best jrpgs. This one suffers from choppy animation while moving, but other than that it has a deep combat system and is very fun.


I have never played an RPG game this unbalanced. You can auto battle through random encounters, but the boss fights become tougher to the point of being almost unwinnable. I finally reached my limit when after 15 min of fighting and over 40 healing potions used, he still would not go down and finally wiped my party put with his super move. Needless to say the game was quickly deleted because I imagine the game got worse after that. Kemco idiots should realize that such long fights do not belong on mobile devices where people need to be able to save quickly. Going to stick with Square Enix games. Thank god for the FF games and the Chaos Rings trilogy. This game is just a complete waste of time.

Old school jrpg

It is definitely reminiscent of Super Nintendo era RPGs, all in all a lot of fun, I will give 5 stars if the game develops any more story and map wise.

Doesn't work

I purchased the game and opened the app only to find out that it crashes after the title screen. I am using an iPhone 4 with ios 5

Not bad, old school SNES RPG Goodness

Controls are slightly wonky. You get used to them quickly. Music is decent, story line is pretty good. It reminds me of a not so polished secret of mana. I got it when it was on sale for $0.99. It was definitely worth that much. Keep up the good work guys.

Great Game

Great Game


Bit/weapon system is interesting, but the game has some problems. Laggy/choppy and the story is a bit trite. English localization is also somewhat lackluster, particularly in accent and emotive characterization.


Reminds me of SNES!

We shall see

I just now bought it. I haven't played it yet but I'm hoping the money they received from this helps fix the "lag" all the other reviews mention. I AM super interested in playing this. Wish me luck ^_^

Complete Crap

Glad I only wasted $1 on this as oppose to $9. The premise seems interesting but everything else is just garbage. The visual are average and the gameplay is terrible. You have been warned!!!!!!!!!

Probably the best RPG for iPhone

Great plot, unique, fun. I like how it's all in pixel. The sprites are detailed, and close-ups are in anime. It really gives you the "RPG" feel.

Companions in the game

You guys should add animal companions that can also fight!

Pretty good JRPG

If you are a fan of 16 bit JRPGs you can do much worse than getting this game. Sure, it is not perfect... The dungeons are simple and uninspired, the characters' skills are completely interchangeable and there is very little rhyme or reason in the fights. For instance, the turns in each round seem to be completely random. The speed attribute might as well not exist. Still, the game has an interesting story and characters beyond the usual and trivial bunch of kids go out to save the whatever from the evil whatevers. A rarity in phone gaming. The graphics are odd, some things like specially the monsters, are better than in most other iPhone JRPGs but the main characters' sprites would look a bit subpar even back in the SNES days. It may not sound like it, but I recommend playing this game. I just hurt the ones I love.

Love it

Of course there's the occasional lag, but I love the game's story so far and the gameplay mechanics

Interesting NPC's

I like how interesting minor characters are in this game. The weapon shop owner gives you free gear as condolences for losing your village and an old guy mentions a time paradox should you save your village in the past since you would then not meet him to learn how. This helps flesh out the game from average main characters. The battle system is pretty interesting too because it has weapon proficiencies. Some weapons do better against types of monsters than others and they let you equip bits to customize your character (think Final Fantasy 7 material but with some skills set to a specific weapon to make characters more unique). The only problems with this game are that it lags with high movement speed and you can't switch weapons mid-battle. Fortunately, you can also speed up your battles, which I now feel is the norm for these classic turn-based rpg's.

Art is nice, combat is good but the lag...

This seriously needs a patch it's running like I'm using a computer a few years out of day very jerky movement, if that is fixed five stars.

An alright RPG.

So far, I've enjoyed the game but I have only one complaint. The movement seems a bit off and laggy compared to their other games and other RPGs. This is my only real complaint so far, and it's been a decent game so far.

Great game!

Another excellent addition from Kemco! Totally worth getting. Just wish we could pick our characters and get everyone back post-game. :(

Pretty good

Simple, old school style RPG. Story is engaging with its time traveling elements. The bit system is unique as well. Took about 15 hours to complete. Grab this game while it's on sale, it's worth it.

Good game

The game has a lot of potential so far, i love how you made the past decisions affect the future! The movement seems a bit rough, it looks like you teleport from square to square. Overall i'd give it a 9 out of 10!


I think over all it's a good game they need to polish up the smoothness , it lags , the rest of your titles are smooth playing . Please update an correct these issue in this one . And I re rate a full 5 stars

Great game

The game is great in all , but the controls are sluggish and the Game Center awards are in Japanese. But other than that it is a great game.

Not bad

Some of the mid parts of the game are dull and repetitive and it lags in every battle. Bits are interesting, and there is some post game. Can't control who joins and leaves your party though and people seem to leave for no reason when you need them. Still for $3 it's not bad


Literatly just bought this... Hit new game and crash every single time... The hell >.> ip4.s

Not bad

The game plays good but the way you move the character and navigate menus needs a bit of an overhaul. To make it work on an iPad they've added ridiculously large virtual d-pad and buttons. You can move them to four different places but it still tends to get in the way of menus. The developers could change just a few things and the game would feel more suited to an iPad. For the d-pad, go with the system where wherever you touch and hold a d-pad comes up and moving you finger in any direction would make the character walk in that direction. When you let go the d-pad disappears. It would also work better to get rid of the action button. Instead, make it so if you're facing a person/chest/whatever you can just tap the screen to interact with whatever you're facing. The last thing would be to make choosing all the menu and battle selections be done with a tap. This would help speed things up since you just tap the thing you want and the virtual buttons don't get in the way. It also appears like the text for Game Center achievements hasn't been translated into English yet. Whoops. I'm hoping the developers read, respond and implement changes that are suggested by the players. Just a few tweaks would make the game easier to enjoy playing.

Someone beat me to the first review...

I think I beat the entire thing through... (Level 90 in four days/20 hours, anyone?) In short: Graphics (sans the beautiful characters): 6.5/10 BGM: 6/10 Plot: 8/10 (the translation is pretty decent) Gameplay Value: 9/10 Difficulty: it's not hard to beat, but you can definitely make it challenging. Overall: 8/10

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

Wonderful game. It lags a tad, but overall it is a great game.

Great game so far

Fairly repetitive but the game play is fun. Must-have-RPG.

Not bad

Not super polished, but the storyline and system seem good. I'll update after I progress more


Good game

Won't load past the choose your difficulty screen.

Please fix, game keeps crashing on my iphone 5.

Good game

But I lag in towns some,overall this game has a great look to it and battle system. Must get!!

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